Swirl Diffuser





GSWD - A : Günter Swirl Diffuser Type-A

GSWD - B : Günter Swirl Diffuser Type-B

GSWD - C : Günter Swirl Diffuser Type-C

MATERIAL : In standard application, it is made of DKP sheet, but it can be manufactured also from aluminum and stainless sheet upon request.

USAGE : It blows the feeding air into the medium by providing turbulence. This way, conditioned feeding air can get mixed with the ambient air rapidly.

COATING STANDARD : In standard application, materials are painted with Electrostatic Powder Paint and then oven-treated following surface treatment and oil removal processes. Click here for color catalog.

FIELD OF USE : Used in locations where it is required to distribute the air in turbulence form. Recommended for use in locations with a ceiling height of 2.6 - 4.2 m.

ASSEMBLY : It can be manufactured in the swerved form, suitable for mounting in clip-in ceiling. Aluminum suspended ceiling and bridged mounting.