Sailor's Anemostad





GGA : Günter Sailor's Anemostad

MATERIAL : Made of aluminum sheer plate in conformity with TS-822 standard. It can also be manufactured in DKP sheet or galvanized sheet.

USAGE : Sailor's Anemostad; It has a convenient structure against air speed and sound. It has adjustable disk wings and the air flow can be adjusted by rotating in right and left direction. It is more generally used in suction systems located in ceiling and wall sections in the ventilation system. The frame is made of aluminum sheet by brimming method and disk section is made of DKP sheet by again brimming method.

COATING STANDARD : In standard application, materials are painted with Electrostatic Powder Paint and then oven-treated following surface treatment and oil removal processes. Aluminum anodized coating and oven paint options are also available upon request. Click here for color catalog.

FIELD OF USE : As it is mostly used in suction systems at the openings of ceiling and walls in the ventilation system, it can also be used in blowing systems. Usage on the facade is not recommended.

ASSEMBLY : The products are manufactured with mounting holes in standard application, and manufacturing for spring mounting is also possible upon request.