Interference Lids




GMK - M : Günter Interference Lid , Hinged

GMK - V : Günter Interference Lid , Screwed

GMK - ALP : Günter Interference Lid , Plaster Board Type

MATERIAL : Frame section is made of ( ETIAL - 60 , AlMgSiO5 ) alloy profiles by extrusion method , while the Control Lid is made of aluminum sheet. When required , insulation is ensured by using stone wool or glass wool. In addition , it can be manufactured from Galvanized or DKP sheets upon request.

USAGE : In ventilation systems , control lids are mounted on locations where it is required to have access for the purpose of cleaning technical service etc. purposes after the system installation , thus ensuring easy intervention and aesthatical appearance.

COATING STANDARD : In standard application , materials are painted with Electrostatic Powder Paint and then oven  - treated following surface treatment and oil removal processes. Aluminum anodized coating and oven paint options are also available upor request. Click here for color catalog.

FIELD OF USE : They can be employed in any locations where it is desired to intervene with the ventillation systems.

ASSEMBLY : In standard application , the products are manufactured with mounting holes and mounted using screws. In situations where screw holes are not desired  manufacturing without holes is made. Several adhesion techniques are avaiable depending on the user preference.