Heat Recovery Apparatus for Ceiling


Heat recovery with plate is a method of heat recovery that ensures transferring the waste energy carried with exhaust air to the fresh air to be fed into the living areas, without mixing vvaste and fresh air each other, in air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
These applications are the most efficient heat recovery systems as they realize heat transfer without using any carrier fluid.

Approximately 50% - 65% energy saving can be obtained thanks to the Recuperator Unit, depending on the weather conditions. In traverse passage heat recovery modüle equipped with plates, fresh air flows on one surface of the same plate and exhaust air passes over the other surface of the plate. As the plates are clamped to each other from their counter ends, these two air flows do not meet and do not mix. In this type of modules, there is a condensate v/ater tray made ofstainless steel, with a special in clination, in order to discharge the condensation water. In standard manufacturing application, a separator (droplet retainer) is mounted in order to hold the droplets formed. Mounting is made in a manner to allow easy removal of the heat-exchanger unit outside the cell for cleaning. If necessary, a by-pass damper is mounted on the Recuperator Unit in order to prevent freezing on the heat-exchanger in cold climatic regions.