Fire Damper



GYD : Günter Fire Damper

GYD-DG : Günter Fire Damper, with Wall Transitive

MATERIAL : Equipped with a fuse melting at 72°C, outside body and the lid is made of TS - 822 galvanized sheet of 2 mm thickness. Under the lid there is a stone wool insulation of 30 mm , and also there is stone wool insulation inside the wall passage flange.

USAGE : Fire Damper is used to prevent the spreading of a fire between to locations or to prevent fire blowing by the air from exiting ventilation system. When the tempature at location reaches 72 C , the fuse inside the damper becomes melted , releases the lid section and disconnects the air circulation between the two locations. When the damper is closed , intervention lid is opened to change the fuse and the lead is closed again. Upon request , the control system can be manufacturer with a servomotor or with a sensor element. There is a wall through flange in fire dampers with wall passage. Stone wool insulation material is filled inside the wall through flange.

COATING STANDARD: In standard application , the equipment is manufactured without paint.

FIELD OF USE : It is used in ventilation ducts and colon separation joints where locations subject to fire are connected in ventilation systems.

ASSEMBLY : In standard application , the products are manufactured in a self flanged form.