Air Shutters





GDKHP : Günter Straight Winged Air Shutter

GEKHP : Günter Curve Winged Air Shutter

GDHP : Günter Rounded Air Shutter

MATERIAL : Aluminum profile made of an alloy (6063, ETIAL - 60, AIMgSi0.5) by extrusion method. It can also be manufactured from DKP sheet or galvanized sheet upon request.

USAGE : They are used in situations vvhere fresh air is to be with drawn from outside or vvhen exhaust air is to be discharged to the outside. It can also be manufactured vvith a fly cage mounted at the back side.

COATING STANDARD : In standard application, materials are painted with electrostatic powder paint and then oven-treated follovfing surface treatment and oil removal processes. Aluminum anodized coating is also available upon request. Click here for color catalog.

FIELD OF USE: It can be used in all apertures for air suction or for exhaust air discharge.

ASSEMBLY: In standard application, the products are manufactured with mounting holes, and they are mounted using screws. In the cases vvhere screw hofes are not desired, it can be mounted using silicon or a similar adhesive material.