Günter Climate starting in Ankara in 1977, following the developing in the sector, has come to these days. GUNTER CLIMATE, being responsibility of industry and economy of our country, has targeted always developing, creating the new employments in every year, has applied the everything for industry, developing its quality and production fan, has behaved for its responsibility. By its experienced crew not giving compensation from quality and its supporting after selling, now it is lasting its works with its factory being in Akyurt with its 12.000 m² open and 4.500 m² closed square.

GÜNTER CLIMATE, in the light of experience obtained from the works done up to days also using the possibilities ordered by technology of our day and regenerating continually the manufacturing technology, is preparing the active role in the world markets.

GÜNTER CLIMATE, holding the customer content firstly with low cost, short time and high quality, has been taken places between the leading firms of the sector. As convenient to all awful conditions, all its products which it produced have convenient for the standards of TSEK and their documents, it has been supported recovery reports and taking the document of ISO 9001:2000 approved by Türkak in 2004, it has documented its quality. Separately, according to the 98/37/EC Machine Security Rule, it has been tested, it has the putting right the CE sign showing that it is security production of the apparatus that it produced.

GÜNTER CLIMATE, by its drafts to answer for every need and its product fans developing continuallyi lives the right pride of being successful of wanted name of sector.